Two Weddings and a Piece of Graphics – the Renaissance period in the castle Breznice – from 12th May to 31st Oct 2018

The castle Breznice has prepared a special guided tour showing the renaissance history, the life of Ferdinad II and Philippine Welser and the cycle of graphic with sheets the special audiovisual presentation.

The Breznice castle commemorated the Jubilee of Ferdinand II and takes part in the 2017 project organized by the Czech National Heritage called  The Year of Renaissance Nobel Families.

In the year 1557 the castle Breznice witnessed the extraordinary wedding of Ferdinand II and Philippine Welser. Philippine Welser lived in Breznice with her aunt Catherine of Loxani at that time and she later followed her husband to Ambras. The castle Breznice has been hiding several outstanding sights of that period.

The highlights of the renaissance history of the castle is an artistically valuable cycle of Renaissance colorated graphic sheets dated to 1580. It was made by the famous Tiroler painter Sigmund Elssaser and it represents a festive procession, which was held, together with tournaments and other games, in Innsbruck on the occasion of the wedding of Hans of Kolowrat (a courtier of Ferdinand II) and Catherine Boymond of Payersberg (a lady-in-waiting of Philippine Welser) that year.