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Orientation for visitors

Zámek Březnice bude v návštěvní sezóně 2018 z důvodu rekonstrukce veřejných toalet otevřen až od 12. května 2018.


Visitors to the castle can use two parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the castle. One parking lot is located in front of the chateau in Ludvik Kuba Street, the second parking lot is located behind the castle in the area of the Na statku restaurant (exit from the Ludvík Kuba street).


Interiors of the Březnice Chateau are not barrier-free due to their layout. The outdoor area of the castle (park garden, herb garden, English park) are wheelchair accessible.


Entrance with animals into the interiors of Březnice Castle is not allowed.


Due to the safety of all visitors, bicycle riding is prohibited in the area of Březnice Castle. This does not mean, however, that we do not welcome the cyclists' visitors to the castle.

Child care facilities

A children’s playground for visitors to the restaurant is available at the Na statku restaurant.


In the chateau complex, visitors can enjoy the pleasant outdoor and indoor seating at the Café U bylinkové zahrádky (Near the Herb Garden). Here you can sample a wide range of coffees, teas, wines, bottled beers from a local brewery Herold particular specialty castle pancakes.

U bylinkové zahrádky

(Café near the Herb Garden)


Pleasant sitting and the possibility of refreshment of visitors to the castle in the interior of the coffee bar or in the exteriors of the park garden overlooking the castle and the herb garden.